PatisTito Garden Café

Patis Tito Garden Cafe is undergoing extensive renovation from April until the end of 2018 to provide you with a more delightful customer experience. We look forward to serving you again in January 2019. Please watch out for updates on our progress.

PatisTito Garden Café is your destination for a memorable encounter with Philippine culture through Filipino food in our unique version of a Filipino home. Using only fresh and locally sourced ingredients, we serve slow-cooked meals within a verdant garden nurtured for almost 25 years. 

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Beef Mechado

Beef Mechado is originally a Spanish dish adopted by Filipinos hundreds of years ago. Use fatty portions of beef to keep it moist & slow cooking in a palayok brings out the superb flavors of beef with big slices of potatoes, red pepper, carrots & diced tomatoes. Digestive biscuits added at the last moment gives a thicker, sweeter texture to the sauce.

Order one day ahead at PatisTito Garden Café for a hearty family meal.


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