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Patis Tito Garden Cafe is undergoing extensive renovation from April until the end of 2018 to provide you with a more delightful customer experience. We look forward to serving you again in January 2019. Please watch out for updates on our progress.

PatisTito Garden Café is your destination for a memorable encounter with Philippine culture through Filipino food in our unique version of a Filipino home. Using only fresh and locally sourced ingredients, we serve slow-cooked meals within a verdant garden nurtured for almost 25 years. 

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Vinegar for making Atchara and a new fat puppy called Guapito

While visiting Dion Pulan in Bangkong Kahoy to introduce my friend Roy, I picked up some Sukang Kaong the tindero said was great for making atchara. 

Will try it and let you guys know if it's good. Also, my askal Diva had three fat cute puppies, and pictured is Guapito, the boy I will keep. He is less than a month old and looks more like a caterpillar than a dog.



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