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PatisTito Garden Café is your destination for a memorable encounter with Philippine culture through Filipino food in our unique version of a Filipino home. Using only fresh and locally sourced ingredients, we serve slow-cooked meals within a verdant garden nurtured for almost 25 years. 

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Regrowing Philippine Cotton

Dr. Edison Rinen is in the house! Well, actually at the farm of Patis Tesoro in Tesoro del Monte in Tiaong, Quezon.

Dr. Edison Rinen and members of Phil-FIDA (Philippine Fiber Industry Development Authority) from the Philippines' Department of Agriculture (DOA) has visited Tesoro del Monte in Quezon Province once a month to facilitate a learning workshop on cotton production that began on November 24, 2014. 

In a land area of more than 500 square meters owned by Patis Tesoro, cotton was planted in varying soil conditions to assess which type of soil is suitable for the kind of cotton Patis wants to produce wherein organic cotton has never been planted before in the province of Quezon. 

With the help of the Department of Agriculture, farmers and land-owners learned the essential conditions of the cotton seed, soil and weather conditions and also learned the different types of pests that are harmful and helpful in the success of cotton cultivation. 

Harvested cotton worked on by mother and daughter in PatisTito Garden Café.

Harvested cotton worked on by mother and daughter in PatisTito Garden Café.

No pesticides used here but we have learned how to manage pests organically.

Although the targeted cotton yield of 10 kg was not met (only 2 kg was harvested within the 7-month training duration), it was determined that roughly 4,000 cotton seeds are to be planted to achieve the goal in the next period which will be compliant to the regulations of the Department of Agriculture in producing Philippine organic cotton. 

Ultimately, we are very happy with the fruitful turnout of this collaboration between our government and Patis Tesoro, which actively contributes to the sustained revival of Philippine Cotton.

Government Certified!

The heat is on and you must hydrate!

Plants, animals and people need to have more water now that summer is upon us.  


Unless you have a fish, you need to make sure there is always clean drinking water for your pets. It would be nice to put a few ice cubes every now and then in their drinking bowls and naturally, they will drink more.

Whether it's just a hot day or a very hot day, humans should drink 2 glasses of water every hour. Dehydration is to be taken seriously. Drinking more than 2 glasses on an hourly basis would highly prevent heat stroke for both humans and animals. 

Trees and plants are another story but the idea is the same. Watering should be done anytime before 9:00AM and since the sun is almost always relentless nowadays, make sure that you water more than you should. There are plants that absorb more water from the soil compared to other plants. The rule of thumb is that the soil should be moist. 

Our gardener, Marlon, taking care of business. 

Our gardener, Marlon, taking care of business. 

Our gardener Marlon recommends to water 50% more than how watering was done for our garden last December to mid March. Watering from 10:00AM to 3:30PM will harm your plants and trees. Keeping your soil wet during this time period is not a good idea as well. If your plants missed out an early morning treat,  make up for it by watering late in the afternoon, around 4:00PM onwards. And should you have the urge to water your plants that have already been watered early in the morning, make sure not to overwater them. Check the soil condition of your plants and trees constantly as this is your determiner to make sure your plants are happy. 

From Seed To Show

PhilFIDA Director Dr. Edison Rinen of Region I and II gives his opening remarks at the Farmers' Field School on Cotton Production held in Tesoro del Monte, Quezon, Philippines.  He credited Patis Tesoro's invaluable contribution to the revival of cotton farming among other fibers.

The opening message of Dr. Edison Rinen of the Department of Agriculture's Philippine Fiber Industry Development Authority (Phil-FIDA) at Tesoro del Monte, Quezon for the second session of the Farmers' Field School on Cotton Production enhanced the already positive morale of the participants last February 9, 2015.

The Phil-FIDA Director of Regions I and II stated that Patis Tesoro's enthusiasm in the revival of abaca, pinya and this time, Philippine cotton, further inspired Phil-FIDA to continue the Farmers' Field School which began last November 24, 2014. Watch the youtube video.

And as the revival of Philippine cotton continues, the fashion show of Patis Pamintuan Tesoro for Rustan's,  "La Collection Rouge" at the Sofitel Plaza last February 17, 2015, shows a promising future for the fashion industry in the Philippines where locally grown indigenous and organic raw material can create sophisticated yet self-sustainable works of fashionable clothing that the country can truly be proud of.

With Rustan's Marketing Head, Dina Tantoco and Tim Yap. 

With Yasmine Hidalgo, PR of Sofitel Plaza Manila. 

Being interviewed by Joseph Garcia of BusinessWorld. 

With Film Producer Moira Lang, Nina Tesoro Poblador and the husband and wife founders of, Anton and Rache Diaz.

Inspired by French Chinoiserie design, "La Collection Rouge" is Patis Pamintuan Tesoro's fashion collection for Rustan's.

Patis on Patis and the Salad Bowl of the Philippines

The La Trinidad Trading Post is the drop off point of freshly harvested fruits and vegetables grown in La Trinidad, Benguet. An early afternoon drive to the Trading Post can take an hour from Baguio City. As you are surrounded with maybe tons of different types of crops in a roofed area nearly the size of a football field, the interaction among traders murmur against the collective sound of sweeping footsteps, rustling sacks, cart wheels and warm chatter with faint laughter. 

You will pass through Binalonan, Pangasinan as you descend back to Manila before reaching TPLEX. On the side of the highway, locals vend fish sauce or patis that is properly prepared by fermenting fish using "banga" without using a drop of salt to create this delectable condiment incomparable to those manufactured commercially. This town does not only sell patis originating from neighboring towns in Pangasinan but also bagoong and vinegar.

Patis on patis.

This company's logo bears their process in making bagoong which is fermenting fish in a banga. 

Bottles and jugs of different types of vinegar are found along the highway in Binalonan, Pangasinan. 

Philippine Cotton Revival Begins

The Department of Agriculture's Philippine Fiber Industry Development Authority (Phil FIDA), headed by Region I & II Director Dr. Edison Rinen, with Patis Tesoro, began the planting of cotton in Tesoro del Monte last November 24, 2014 in Tiaong, Quezon. 

Patis, together with farmers of Tesoro del Monte and the staff of Phil FIDA collaborated to initiate the participatory action research on sustainability of planting indigenous and commercial cotton in this part of Southern Luzon, which aims to revive Philippine cotton in this region.

This is an exciting start for the local textile industry. Patis Tesoro has been recognized as a major proponent of the revival of pineapple fiber for piña textile which she spearheaded in the 1980's.  She has been working with FIDA since then and is excited to collaborate with them now that they have merged with the Cotton Development Authority to form Phil FIDA.

Stay tuned for updates as the research and development ensues. Meanwhile, support your local textile industry! 

Patis Tesoro and Phil FIDA at the  Farmer's Field School on Cotton Production

Patis Tesoro and Phil FIDA at the Farmer's Field School on Cotton Production

Patis Tesoro and Dr. Ed Renin during the ceremonial planting of cotton. 

Patis Tesoro and Dr. Ed Renin during the ceremonial planting of cotton. 

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